Being able to create art that hangs in your home has been a dream come true. Art is so personal and it is the highest of compliments as an artist each time a tapestry is purchased.

If you see yourself envisioning a specific design for a tapestry, custom pieces may be right for you. Creating a tapestry more specific to you and your space is never taken lightly, always welcome, and such an exciting endeavor. 

If you have looked through the gallery, or find something in a collection you really like, please remember that each tapestry varies, from the way the strands lay, to the saturation levels of color in the dying process. No tapestry can be recreated to a measure of perfection, but I can work with you to create a similar feel.

Due to fluctuating demand, prior scheduled projects, and time needed for larger fabrications, commissions require 4-8 weeks  before their final completion and shipping date.

If you feel a custom tapestry is what would work best for you, fill out the form below. Express your interest, including a description of what you want in a tapestry, and I will be in touch!

Please review the Custom Tapestry Terms located at the bottom of the page.